Keep Australia Afloat

Keep Australia Afloat

Call for rank and file maritime workers to join to lobby their local MPs

The union has today called on members to push for the Government to adopt a shipping reform package, urgently needed to keep Australian shipping and the Australian economy afloat.

In a letter sent by email to members, National Secretary Paddy Crumlin, warned that too many ships and too many jobs were being lost on our coast to foreign flag ships, many of them ships of shame.

"A strong shipping fleet is vital to our economy, our environment and security," he said. "And yet there are no incentives to invest in Australian shipping."

The  Minister for Transport  Anthony Albanese will shortly be bringing forward a comprehensive shipping policy package for cabinet consideration.  

The union wants the Government to commit to the fiscal and regulatory changes necessary to keep Australian shipping afloat.

It is calling on members to help get the message to the decision makers by joining delegations visiting their local MPs and urging them to talk to their cabinet colleagues.

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