Jo Cox MP: In Memoriam

Last week UK Labour Party MP, Jo Cox, was gunned don on the street while working in her Electorate. The MUA and ITF are outraged by the incident and have expressed their condolences to Jo's family:

“We pass on the deepest and most profound sympathy and condolences of the affiliates, members, offices and staff of the ITF, including the Maritime Union of Australia, to the family, friends and comrades of Jo Cox, who was so brutally and senselessly taken from them and us.

Jo was very well known within and throughout the labour and progressive movement in the UK and the world for her extraordinary commitment to peace and human rights and her leadership and absolute commitment to build a more functional fairer and accountable world

Her work in campaigning and activism in pursuit of that ideal was inspirational, courageous consistent and pervasive. Small in stature but huge in compassion, empathy and courage, Jo was transformative to all that had the blessing of her company and of course most importantly  to the exploited, damaged and isolated human beings throughout the world and in her own country and community she dedicated her life to.

Her work against slavery, for a sustainable peace, for refugees and especially for the world’s dislocated and vulnerable children shines and will continue to shine as a beacon for trust, hope, determination and love now and into the future. 

Her life and work reassure our international family of the importance and value of our lives and work in turn.

We sincerely hope that the regard she was held in and the grief and sympathy we held and hold for her gives some relief and comfort for her husband Brendan , her children, family friends and comrades at this most searing and grievous moment. 

Vale sister Jo Cox, mother, wife, community and political leader and genuine and committed internationalist and human rights activist. Now at peace.”

ITF general secretary Steve Cotton stated:

“In what was a shocking, tragic taking of a young life – a life that fought for ideals of fairness, togetherness and compassion – to Brendan, the children, and all those who were privileged enough to know her, our thoughts are with you. At this hugely difficult time, we hope you find strength and take heart knowing that Jo was, and will remain, a force for all that is good. Her campaigning, her activism, her determination to help those in need touched countless lives. She stood up for peace, social justice and human rights. She was a well-known and loved figure inside the labour movement, but the reaction of people in the UK and around the world shows just how much she and her life’s work meant to so many people.

For us in the labour movement, her legacy will live on.”