ITF Youth (Including One MUA) on Mission to Palestine

The International Transport Workers' Federation has sent a delegation of young transport unionists including the MUA's very own Dan Crumlin to Palestine. For more information on the mission click here. The blog will updated daily here.


Below is Sydney Branch Seafaring Activist Dan Crumlin's first blog:

On the eve of the youth delegation to Palestine I had the opportunity to sit down with the some of the Arab world team including the Regional Secretary Bilal Malkawi, Deputy Regional Secretary Baker Khundakji and ITF youth coordinator Ingo Marowsky to find out the history behind how the delegation came to take place, and what it will mean to transport workers in the region.

Ingo said “the global ITF youth came to Amman two years ago and started its engagement with the Palestinian project.”

Baker added that the “Sofia Congress endorsed this partnership. It is exciting for us in the Arab World to finally see this happen.”

Bilal concluded by saying “the global solidarity we are about to experience is great. The energy we feel is something I will never forget. The Palestinian workers will feel stronger having this strong mission”.

All the youth delegates are extremely excited about being involved in this project and meeting other young workers in Palestine, exchanging information and providing our assistance where needed in activating the youth role as well as discussing other organising /education project’s that will help build stronger unions moving forward.

We look forward to keeping everyone in the ITF updated through blogs, video’s and photos everyday during our trip to Palestine.

In Unity
Dan Crumlin
MUA delegate