ITF Youth Docker's Manila Report

In last November I had the privilege of attending an ITF youth docker's conference in Manila, Philippines. Let me start by saying what an outstanding experience it was! I went in cold, I was the only member of the MUA in attendance and therefore knew nobody but as that first day of the two day conference progressed, I met and began developing some immediate and great long lasting friendships. There were people in attendance from as far reaching places as Canada, USA, Germany, Morocco, Sri Lanka and of course our host nation, the Philippines.

The conference kicked off immediately with a welcoming from our hosts, an introduction to proceedings and we were asked individually to introduce ourselves and our affiliate union(s). We had speakers from ILWU Canada regarding the use of social media in bringing people together, discussions on issues facing the young in our industry and also group activities. The second day we touched on media influence and manipulation(particularly with regard to how media bend the truth in order to shape a news story)a couple interactive group activities which included the making of a short film and finally strategies and direction for the youth in our industry.

All in all it was a great experience that I'd do again and absolutely recommend to anyone who is interested. I was staggered to learn people my age from halfway around the world suffer the same problems as we do here yet all in all are seeking much the same as I am here, job security, a livable wage and to be able to go home at the end of the day to loved ones. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I met some outstanding people along the way. If ever you are offered such an opportunity as this please get on it. Thank you.