ITF: ‘Unions Worldwide Backing BA Cabin Crew Action’

Gabriel Mocho, ITF Civil Aviation Section Secretary stated: “The ITF supports the cabin crew and Bassa/Unite in this dispute. In particular we commend the efforts they have made to find a solution to a conflict which began with the company’s apparent imposition of new working conditions while negotiations were still open.”

“Unfortunately BA management demonstrated their seeming indifference to the deteriorating situation on Friday when they withdrew an offer that might have solved the dispute.”

He continued: “Several unions have already contacted us with messages of support for the cabin crew, together with pledges to provide practical lawful assistance where possible. Unite members have been quick to show solidarity with their colleagues around the world in the past, and they now want to return the favour.”

645 aviation worker trade unions in 123 countries are members of the ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation).