ITF and MUA Back London Tube Workers

The International Transport Workers Federation has thrown its weight behind 10,000 London underground Tube workers who voted for rolling stoppages, this week, as a last resort to the Mayor's decision to slash 800 ticket office and station jobs.

The job cuts would adversely affected the opening times of 245 ticket offices across the London Underground network, damaging the service afforded to passengers and jeopardising job safety.

In a letter of solidarity to the striking  RMT and TSSA workers ITF President and MUA National Secretary Paddy Crumlin the job cuts would not be tolerated.

"Brothers and Sisters of the RMT and TSSA," he wrote.  "I wish to extent my support in your battle against the Mayor  and his desire to cut 800 jobs from your workforce. It is clear and evident that workplace safety will be jeopardised and this is not to be tolerated.
"The London underground is a crucial part of the network, providing one of the most efficient and safest public transport grids to one of the world's most populous cities. The work and commitment of the members of the RMT and TSSA has been integral to that success. That record will be essential to making the London 2012 Olympics successful."

As the ITF president Paddy Crumlin offered any support to ensure the workers' legitimate and legal claims are properly accounted for.