ITF Agreement Covers 160 Seafarers

The International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) is pleased to announce that ITF agreements have been signed to cover almost 160 seafarers on two disputed livestock vessels docked at Fremantle at various times over the past two months.

ITF WA Inspector Keith McCorriston visited the Flag Of Convenience (FOC) Maysora in Fremantle to witness the signing of more than 70 crew contracts, which formally bind the owners, Arab Ship Management, to the conditions set down in the agreed collective agreement.

The sister ship Bader 3 attracted international condemnation when side contracts were discovered last month which stripped workers of their human rights and paid them extremely low wages.

"The ITF is very happy that the Jordanian owned company has seen fit to recognise their corporate social responsibility to their international crews," ITF National Coordinator Dean Summers said.

"We are delighted  that we have now established a relationship with these owners and the sole charterers, Livestock Shipping Services, based in South Perth.

"There have been so many people support us across the Australian political, legal and industrial spectrum and this is a victory for justice in the maritime community." 

The ITF actions drew community, WA government and federal government attention to the abuse of visiting seafarers involved in the highly lucrative livestock export market.

Community activists demanded safety and security for the largely Pakistani crew while the WA government unanimously condemned the behaviour of the ship's owner and its breaches of human rights and international agreements."

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