Irish Labour Court Recognises Union Claims.

ITF Dockers' Secretary Frank Lees reports a breakthrough in the 14 week long Dublin Dockers dispute which the MUA has been supporting

DUBLIN:The coming 48 hours will be crucial for those who have been on the picket line for the last 104 days in Dublin.

A recommendation from the Labour Court was issued yesterday that takes into account the claims presented by SIPTU.

Last night, the strikers attended a General Meeting, obtained copies and discussed the contents of the Labour Court Recommendation received earlier in the day.

The Recommendation is binding on the Union under Section 20(I) 1969 Industrial Relations Act.

The Director of Conciliation of the Labour Relations Commission will now be asked to contact MTL Management to ascertain their position on the Recommendation and their willingness to immediately proceed with engagements to finalise all the terms for its application in full.

We will of course update you when we have additional information from our affiliated union.

In Solidarity,

The Dockers Team