Irish Dockers Thanks To The MUA

International solidarity has helped bring bosses back to the negotiation table in 10-week-long Dublin dock dispute. Irish dockers' union leader Joe O’Flynn has written to the MUA thanking the union for support

Dear Paddy,

I wish to acknowledge with thanks receipt of your letter dated 20th August 2009 containing the message of support for the SIPTU Dockers in dispute with Peel Ports.  We had a tremendous rally in support of the strikers on Monday which was attended by over 1,000 supporters, with had the effect of clogging up Dublin for pretty much half a day.

While addressing the rally, I took the opportunity to read the motion of support from the MUA National Council which was very well received, as you may imagine.  We have brought sufficient pressure to bear on the company resulting in them agree to Conciliation talks next Monday which is the first chink in the armour, as we enter our tenth week in dispute.   We will keep you appraised of developments.

I look forward to seeing you and your colleagues in Cork in September at the GNT Conference.

In the meantime, again, our very sincere thanks for your message of support and solidarity with our members here in Dublin Port.