Iran: Labor Uprising Becomes Civil Uprising

This Friday Sydney MUA members will bus to the Iranian Embassy in Canberra to join the growing protests against the

As global unions have been mobilising workers around the world to protest the brutal suppression of trade union rights in Iran, the resistance has become a widespread civil uprising.

Today Iranian unions also publicly supported the general uprising against the Khamenei  regime.

"We the workers of Iran Khodro, Thursday 28/3/88 in each working shift will stop working for half an hour to protest the suppression of students, workers, women, and the Constitution and declare our solidarity with the movement of the people of Iran. The morning and afternoon shifts from 10 to 10:30. The night shift from 3 to 3:30." 

"The Autobus Workers Union places itself alongside all those who are offering themselves in the struggle to build a free and independent civic society. The union condemns any kind of suppression and threats."

MUA members who can not join the protest outside the embassy on Friday can still play their part.

Call on the Iranian authorities to unconditionally release jailed trade unionists and to respect labour rights in Iran by sending your e-message from Amnesty's urgent action site.

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