The MUA's international work connects two important ideas.

First, in an era of globalised employers, the union's work to improve and protect the working conditions of every MUA member must unite maritime workers in every corner of the globe, through strategic campaigning and alliances.

Second, improving the lives of MUA members requires a social and political vision that supports peoples' movements for justice, dignity and democracy throughout the world, a posture the MUA has pursued from its very beginning.

The International Transport Workers Federation

The MUA implements a significant part of the workplace campaigning through its participation in the International Transport Workers Federation. National Secretary Paddy Crumlin currently serves as the ITF's president, and other MUA officials and officers participate in important aspects of the ITF work, from international bargaining strategies to global safety and inspection to womens' rights. See the current ITF work here and also at the ITF's website.

International Solidarity

The MUA supports many important movements around the world:

Cuba and The Cuban Five




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