Industry Dinosaurs Take a Hit

"Steve Knott (Mines and Metals) doesn't understand. He's talking about a view of productivity from the 80s when there were demarcations and people worked eight-hour days. The guy is a dinosaur, he doesn't understand the industry." - Paddy Crumlin, MUA

The MUA hit back at the Australian Mines and Metals Association today, after its chief Steve Knott launched an attack on seafarers and the union the government and  Fair Work Australia over the wage win in the offshore oil and gas industry.

AMMA have alleged Total Marine Services 'caved in' to the union on threat of strike action, there were no productivity benefits, the wage rise was outrageous.

In response the MUA National Secretary said MUA employees, who worked 12-hour shifts and undertook dangerous work, were subject to a process of "`continuous improvement" and  the pay rises were reasonable.  He said  an agreed daily allowance that will increase from $175 to $214 was responsible given the market rate was an extra $500. 

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