Industrial Action Averted As Talks Resume

TMS Agrees to return to negotiation, MUA cancels 48 hour action in show of good faith

In a major turnaround in a hearing before Fair Work Australia today the Maritime Union of Australia today withdrew from a scheduled 48-hour strike action involving the operations of Total Marine Service, after the company's withdrew the legal action to stop the industrial action.

"From the beginning of the hearing before Fair Work Australia today, where Total Marine Services was hoping to stop the protected action by the Maritime Union, the senior deputy president Ann Harrison made it clear that she would like both parties to consider a process of further negotiation.
"In good faith we agreed to desist from the planned action due to commence at midnight tonight -  when TMS agreed to resume negotiations. It's a good outcome and hopefully we can resolve this matter now quickly with the talks to resume with the company at 9am tomorrow", said Paddy Crumlin, national secretary of the MUA.
"At the same time, we have reserved the right to run the second 48 hour protected action depending on the outcome of tomorrow's talks. I assure you we are continuing to look for a resolution here, and this development opens up a great opportunity for the parties to move forward in agreement.
"We were forced to apply for the second 48 hours when a formal offer submitted on Thursday 21 January by the shipping company fell short of what had been agreed in negotiations leading  up to the offer which hardly filled us with much confidence in their sincerity to resolve things. Hopefully things will now move on", said Crumlin