ILO Pacific Delegates Solidarity With US Miners

Support growing for locked out ILWU miners in Boron, California as 34 Pacific unions condemn Rio Tinto at Vanuatu conference today in the following declaration

Dear ILWU Local 30 members,

Trade unions of the Pacific Islands attending the ILO Tripartite Meeting on development of Decent Work in the Pacific wish to express our full support for and solidarity with the ILWU Boron workers and their families who have been locked out of the Rio Tinto Borax mine.

Rio Tinto has a long history of anti-worker and anti-union behaviour and has an appalling track record of its treatment of workers in both developing and developed nations.   Many of the unions in this region have experienced this first hand.

We condemn Rio Tinto for their use of mercenaries and scabs as a replacement workforce in their attempts to destroy hard won conditions in the workers' long-standing union contract. 

We the undersigned pledge to raise awareness amongst all of our members in the region and campaign to build support for an ILWU victory over Rio Tinto and stand ready to assist in whatever way we can.

We call on you to continue to stand strong in your brave fight for justice against Rio Tinto.

In solidarity,

Sharan Burrows

President, ITUC

President, ACTU

Peter Conway

Secretary, NZCTU

Mark Davis

Deputy Regional Secretary Asia Pacific, ITF

Geoff Fary

Assistant Secretary, ACTU

Nick Blake

Australian Nurses Association

Mick Doleman

Maritime Union of Australia

Dean Summers

ITF Coordinator

Shannon O'Keeffe

Australian Transport Unions Federation

David Carey

Community and Public Sector Union

E Mitchell

Australian Workers Union

U Falconer

Australian Workers Union

Steven Andersen

Air Line Pilots Association

Philip van den Heever

Air Line Pilots Association

Zoe Bedford


Helen Maunga

Cook Islands Workers Association

Felix Anthony

Fiji Trade Union Congress

Rajeshwar Singh

Fiji Trade Union Congress

Teera Bakoauea

Kiribati Trade Unions Congress

Ioteba Tekee

ITF, Kiribati

Sylvain Meallet

New Caledonia CGT-FO

Gary Parsloe

Maritime Union of New Zealand

Ray Fife

Maritime Union of New Zealand

John Paska

PNG Trade Union Congress

Michael Malabag

PNG Trade Union Congress

John Mahuk

PNG Maritime and Transport Union

Taupisioleitoga Faamau

Somoa Trade Union Congress

Alfred Legua

Soloman Islands Council of Trade Unions

Monica Chaviel

Soloman Islands Council of Trade Unions

Penisimani Epenisa Fifita

Tonga Trade Union Congress

Mele Amanaki


Warwick Nokise

Tuvalu Overseas Seaman's Union

Kitiseni Fepuli

ITF, Vanuatu

Ephraim Kalsalu

Vanuatu Council of Trade Unions

Christian Vaamei

Wallis and Futuna, UTFO



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