Hundreds Turn Out Despite CBD Lockdown

The MUA is showing their resolve in continuing to fight for members’ rights and jobs, protect their penalty rates and job security at DP World.

On Monday hundreds turned out to a rally was held outside of the Sydney Branch unions rooms.

Unfortunately two bus loads of members could not make the event due to the Sydney Siege unfolding just four bucks away and the MUA also had to cancel their march to Town Hall, nonetheless wharfies were joined in solidarity by other MUA members, other unions, students and various other supporters.


Strong representation came from the Transport Workers Union, the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union and the Fire Brigade Employees Union.

Sydney Branch Secretary Paul McAleer condemned the hostage taker at Martin Place.

"On the value of human life; innocents are innocents, whether they be hostages, murdered union activists, workers killed on-the-job, bombing victims, or the thousands of children starving to death each week across the globe," he said.

"Workers fight for peace, justice and decency. The ruling class fight for profits.


He said big business was being emboldened by their sycophants in State and Federal Parliament.

"Employers are pushing and pushing and taking and taking from the very people they rely on to make their profits," he said.

"Well it's time to push back comrades."

Other speakers included Assistant National Secretary Warren Smith, the CFMEU's Brian Parker, the TWU's Michael Aird, the FBEU's Jim Casey, UnionsNSW's Mark Lennon, all of the Sydney Branch Officials - Paul McAleer, Paul Keating, Joe Deakin and Paul Garret, former Sydney Branch Secretary Jim Donovan and Timothy Scriven from Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association.

The crowd assembled on Sussex Street paid special attention to Jimmy Donovan's recollection of the 1998 Patrick dispute.

DP World began a lockout of MUA members in Melbourne and Sydney late last week, with more protected industrial action set to take place in Brisbane and Fremantle.


Assistant National Secretary Smith said the MUA has been bargaining for more than ten months for a new EBA, with a view to maximising permanency and job security.

"DP World should drop its deliberate campaign of antagonism," he said.

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