Have Your Say On The Future of Australian Banking

Banking isn't working for working families. More people are in more debt. And the interest on that debt is going up by more than the Reserve Bank thinks it should.

Only the banks think nothing needs to change.  Of course, you would, too, if you made the kind of money they did.  One of them made $1,600,000,000 profit-in the first three months of this year.

Not that its workers were all smiles.  The same bank shipped more Australian jobs abroad.  More than 5,000 Australian jobs have left the country, with your personal data along with them.

What do you think?

Are consumer debt levels a problem?

Are you happy with how banks behave?

Or are there things you'd change?

The Finance Sector Union wants to know.  It's kicking off a push for better banking in Australia, to keep jobs right here at home and break the debt cycle that traps so many hard-working Australians.

So have your say.  

Visit www.better-banking.org <http://www.better-banking.org> and take a minute to fill out the FSU's survey.

 It's confidential.  

But the more people who take part, the harder it will be for CEOs and governments to ignore.