Governance and Rules

The MUA is an organisation committed strongly to member participation and democratic participation. The union is guided by a set of rules and decisions adopted over the many proud years of its history via its Annual meetings and Quadrennial Conference.

The National Council governs, manages and exercises general supervision over the affairs of the Union between Annual General Meetings and Special Meetings of the members of the Union; it meets at least once a year. The National Council is made up of the National Secretary, Deputy National Secretary, Assistant National Secretaries, Branch Secretaries and Deputy Branch Secretaries.

A National Executive is also empowered to advise the National Council and act in between National Council meetings; it consists of the National Secretary, Deputy National Secretary, Assistant National Secretaries, the National Presiding Officer, Deputy National Presiding Officer and two other members elected by and from National Council in accordance with the provisions of Rule 48 both of whom are National Vice Presiding Officers.

The full current rules can be reviewed here.

The 2015 election timetable document is available here.

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