Gotta ♥ Sydney Ferries

Paul Garrett said there was a great response on the day and also good positive media coverage of the event.

He said he believes Sydney Ferries has turned the corner since a series of incidents in recent years and has now dramatically improved the service.


“This is not the time to switch to the private sector – it’s a myth that privatising would make this service more efficient.


“We’re now looking at a situation where we have an alliance of unions, workers and passengers who will fight hard to keep Sydney Ferries public.

“The Maritime Union is committed to retaining members’ jobs and providing an efficient service to Sydney Ferries commuters by fighting for this iconic public transport service,” Garrett says.

Garrett says there are examples around the world where services actually diminish through privatisation, citing Telstra as an example.

The NSW Opposition supports privatisation of Sydney Ferries, with Opposition leader Barry O’Farrell pushing the Government to ‘stand up to the maritime union’ and go ahead with the proposal, showing little concern for the welfare of commuters under the privatisation plan.

The campaign to keep Sydney Ferries in public ownership however still continues, and the Gotta ♥ Sydney Ferries group have indicated that there will be more community rallies taking place in September in different areas including Parramatta, Drummoyne and Balmain.

Those campaign dates will be sent out shortly and we appreciate all those who can spare some time to come along and participate in this important campaign.

MUA’s Jaime McMechan has produced a great video of the launch and this can be seen through You Tube.

Assistant Secretary Paul Garrett (mob)  0418 422 589  0418 422 589 .