Global Google Ship Map

See ships and ports real time

Aegean University,  in conjunction with five other Greek universities and municipalities have developed a real time google map of the worlds ports and shipping - Marine traffic

MarineTraffic. Com gives up to the minute details of ports, cargo, 
tankers, tug and pilot vessels, whether they are anchored or sailing, their destination, flag and other details.

Rigs, as yet, are not included.

The map also marks each world port, gives the number of ships in any area and provides photos of ships, with the added option of uploading your own photo.

Zoom in on Dalrymple Bay on the Northern Queensland coast Sunday evening and you would have found 60 vessels at the coal terminal, all at anchor with the Kolijo Australian tug nearby and the Panamanian flagged Pacific Star one of five ships loading at the facility.

As with all google maps you can zoom in until the containers and portainer cranes on the liner vessels at Port Botany, Melbourne or Fremantle are clearly visible.

The map automatically is updating data by the minute with no information more than one hour out of date.  You can also hit the refresh button to get the latest movements.

Alternatively you can opt to go to an area or find a port or vessel by name.

 Other services provided include mobile phone access, embed a map, Google Earth and My Fleet  - the option to  to create your own fleet and get e-mail or SMS alerts for vessel arrivals, departures and other events.