Gladstone Seafarers Call For Coronial Inquiry

Maritime Union of Australia members in Gladstone have today called for a coronial inquiry into the capsizing of a ship that caused a fatality two years ago.

Image - adonis.jpg
The Adonis

When the Adonis capsized on 11 June 2011, Captain Dudley Jacobs lost his life.

After carefully reviewing the findings of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, the MUA members conclude that, among other findings: 

● If the Masters of both vessels were aware of the risks of tugs capsizing, then their response would require the construct of a safe operational strategy which would be adhered to by both vessels involved in that operation on that day.

●  The ATSB’s “fact sheet” listing the experience of the deckhands raises concerns about the competency of the report.

●  All of Sea Swift’s operations should have been shut down until the final report was issued. Only after the report had cleared Sea Swift of any wrong doing should its operations have recommenced.

●  That Sea Swift is still operating in the port and, in fact, is still operating on the Australian coast is shocking. It appears there have been no ramifications for Sea Swift or Bechtel following the death of Dudley Jacobson.

“It is crystal clear to us, as experienced maritime industry workers, that we need a much more systematic, thorough investigation into the events prior to the incident and leading up to the capsizing of the Adonis,” MUA Queensland Branch Secretary Mick Carr said. 

“The incomplete nature of the ATSB report and the deep flaws it points to appears to conclude with no one being held responsible for the death of Captain Jacobs.

“His family deserve better, and the people who work at Gladstone deserve to know that future working conditions will achieve the highest level of safety so this does not happen again”.

The attached report, produced by local MUA members in Gladstone, details additional findings and lists questions a coronial inquiry should take up.