Gladstone Members Stand with MUNZ

MEMBERS of the Maritime Union of Australia in Gladstone have marched from the Marina Ferry Terminal in a show of support for wharfies in Auckland, New Zealand.

The union says Ports of Auckland wharfies are facing dismissal for being union members.

Maritime Union of New Zealand workers in Auckland have been dismissed after 18 months of negotiations, and the MUA says the Ports of Auckland has contracted casual workers.

"This is a united call from wharfies in Gladstone and from wharfies across the country. What we want to say to Ports of Auckland is: respect your workforce, reinstate the workers and let's put this whole sorry chapter behind us," MUA spokesman Alan Duff said.

In addition, Gladstone members have dug deep into their pockets to show their support to MUNZ members. Members working at PB Seatow in Gladstone voted unanimously in favour of sending $2000 to the Maritime Union of New Zealand in support of Auckland wharfies who were on the picket line for months.

The PB Seatow Members are pictured at 'Union Land' playground in Gladstone.