French Wharfies Strike

First of two dock strikes hits French ports

FRENCH dock and port authority workers staged the first of two 24-hour strikes against the government's port this week.

The workers are protesting the government failing to honour its commitment for 30,000 new jobs coming out of the reform.

Ports are cutting back on  labour rather than creating new jobs, ports and docks federation of the CGT union confederation says

The transfer of port authority terminal personnel and plant to private operators is also an issue in some ports.

At France's leading container port, Le Havre, all container terminals were at a standstill. And in Marseilles, handling of containers, general cargo and solid bulks was paralysed,  Lloyds List reports

MUA national secretary and chair of the International Transport Workers' Federation dockers section Paddy Crumlin wrote to FNPD-CGT General Secretary Tony Hautbois General Secretary last year pledging solidarity and support in any upcoming dispute with the government over port reform.
"International dockworkers are watching developments in your country," he wrote.  "Be assured we will stand by the ports and docks federation of CGT union confederation if the government fails to meet with the union and you decide on industrial action."

A second 24 hour stoppage is scheduled for Monday.