FPSO Members Gather in Fremantle for Two Day Conference

Over two-days members from the Floating Production Storage Offtake (FPSOs) vessels gathered in the WA Branch union rooms to review the last two years of the industry and discuss matters relating to the broader industry.

Usually working in isolated conditions, the conference affords the delegates an opportunity to regroup and work on strategies.


The most heated session came when a representative of NOPSEMA fronted up. Unfortunately the AMSA representative was a late apology. Members and officials were able to air their grievances including what is considered to be an excessive influence by industry over the regulator.

The members were updated on campaigns being driven by the union while members from each vessel delivered their reports.

In general FPSO workers hold similar concerns to workers throughout Australia, concerns about future job security.

There was also a lot of time dedicated to the AWU/MUA Offshore Alliance and in attendance was AWU Assistant National Secretary Dan Walton, WA Organiser Matt Dixon and OH & S Organiser Jim Ward.

National Organiser Bernie Farrelly said the two days were very productive and he was satisfied members were substantially informed to take back comprehensive reports to their respective vessels.


“It was a short but sweet conference whereby the delegates were able to engage with officials such as Deputy National Secretary Mick Doleman, Assistant National Secretary Ian Bray, WA Branch Secretary Christy Cain, ITF Australia Coordinator Dean Summers and National Women’s Liaison Officer Mich-Elle Myers all available to report on the state of the union and take questions from the floor,” Farrelly said.

“From the feedback I have already received, members were happy with the conference, however they understand they need to remain vigilant too when considering the constant onslaught MUA members in maritime industries are receiving on behalf of some of their employers buoyed by the Abbott Government and its anti-worker policy.

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