For Members Working for Patrick Port Botany

Attention: Members of the Maritime Union of Australia employed by Patrick Stevedores Holdings Pty Limited at Port Botany

Fair Work Australia has issued an Interim Order under section 420 to stop or prevent industrial action until further order.

The Interim Order is called the Patrick Stevedores Holdings Pty Limited – Port Botany  – Industrial Action Interim Order No.1 of 2013.

The Interim Order requires that there be no unprotected industrial action at Port Botany (including but not limited to bans, limitations and restrictions on the performance of work) until further order by:

  • the MUA;
  • officers, employees, agents and delegates of the MUA (MUA Representatives); or
  • employees of Patrick Stevedores Holdings Pty Limited (Patrick) at its terminal at Port Botany in the State of New South Wales (Port Botany) who are members or eligible to be members of the MUA and are employed pursuant to the Patrick Terminals Enterprise Agreement 2012 (Port Botany Employees).

The Interim Order also prevents the MUA and MUA Representatives from aiding, abetting, counselling, procuring, authorising, directing, organising or encouraging any unprotected industrial action by Port Botany Employees until further order.

The Interim Order applies to:

  • the MUA and MUA Representatives; and
  • Port Botany Employees.

Accordingly, any direction, advice or authorisation by the MUA to members of the MUA employed by Patrick to engage in industrial action at Port Botany which is not protected is withdrawn and such action must stop or not occur. Those members should perform work in the manner in which it is usually performed, without any form of ban, limitation or restriction on the performance of work and without any threat to ban, limit or restrict the performance of work.

Paddy Crumlin


[The order as per above may be downloaded by clicking this link]