Flags Fly On Ships And Wharves For White Ribbon Day

It's White Ribbon Day, day for the elimination of all violence against women, and the MUA is flying the flag nationwide

MUA Deputy National Secretary Mick Doleman has been endorsed as the ACTU representative on the National Leaders Grouup of the White Ribbon Day Foundation, NT Alliance organiser Glen Williams has attended the White Ribbon Day breakfast and is standing by at a shopping mall this afternoon with members Rowan Hayward and Stephen Richardson to raise awareness. Sydney Ferries are all flying the flag as too are other MUA workplaces.

"We're working the WRD stand in Darwin Mall and then we will be going out to East Arm Wharf to have meetings and raise awareness with the P&O, Patricks, Darwin Ports Corporation and seafaring members," said Glen. "We will get on few rig tenders if we can.

"Nationally the union is challenging members to take the oath on the MUA website, featuring different faces from the wharves and ships each day this week.

And in Tasmania  Branch Secretary, Jason Campbell has put out the challenge to all Maritime Union of Australia  Tasmanian members to 'Swear' never to commit, never to excuse, and never to remain silent about violence against women at www.myoath.com.au

 " I believe it is important for us, especially coming from a male dominated industry, to speak up about this issue and raise awareness within the community, I am proud to be an ambassador for such a great cause," Campbell said.

More than 700 Australian men have become White Ribbon Ambassadors over the past five years as the White Ribbon grows and the message reaches men all around the country from all walks of life.

Last White Ribbon Day all MUA officials nominated to become White Ribbon ambassadors, led by MUA National Secretary Paddy Crumlin.

"White Ribbon focuses on the positive roles that men can play to create a culture where violence, and attitudes that support the use of violence, are increasingly unacceptable. White Ribbon is calling on all Australian men to sign up and 'swear' to end violence against women, as the first step in creating culture change around the issue," said Jason.

The White Ribbon Campaign is unique because it is aimed at prevention, and focuses on encouraging men to take the lead in their immediate communities and networks.  White Ribbon encourages all members of the community, and particularly men, to speak out about violence, challenge the attitudes that allow violence in our society, and get involved in the campaign.

Andrew O'Keefe, Chairman of the White Ribbon Foundation said, "We believe that every single one of us, especially men, can make changes to the way we live our lives in order to end violence against women. Whether it's the way in which we sometimes treat the women in our lives, or the way in which we might tolerate others' treatment of women, we can do things better. We can change the attitudes that allow violence against women to exist. But first we have to want to."

White Ribbon Ambassadors play a vital role in leading this culture change. Jason Campbell is joining other notable Australian men such as the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Joe Hockey, Lt Gen Ken Gillespie, Wil Anderson, and Hazem El Masri in swearing to end men's violence against women. You too can join the movement and swear at www.myoath.com.au

On White Ribbon Day, 25 Nov, Jason will be proudly wearing his white ribbon, and he encourages you to do the same. Ribbons and wristbands are available from Suzanne Grae, The Body Shop and The Salvos Stores. For more information about White Ribbon Day visit www.whiteribbonday.org.au.

The MUA Tasmanian branch will also be holding a BBQ lunch on Wednesday November 25th from midday. The BBQ will be held at the branch office, 59 Wright Street, EAST DEVONPORT.

A special thanks to Paul and the boys at Bob Morris Gourmet Meats, East Devonport and the staff at Perry Bros' Bakery, East Devonport.