First Class Honours For Newcastle Linesworkers

Newcastle Lineman were the first in the country to qualify for a Certificate 1 in Transport and Distribution Maritime Operations Shore Based Lines person

Certificate I in Transport and Distribution (Maritime Operations Shore Based Lines Person) is a National training program that has been developed to improve the safety, quality and delivery of service in provision of mooring activities. 

I put my idea forward for a Lines Certificate because there was no accredited recognition for the skills of MUA members performing mooring activities in Australian Ports and had my proposal endorsed at the National Lines Conference in 2006. 

The idea was that a training package should be introduced for all MUA members involved in mooring activities to improve the training, safety and skills in their area of work.  Eddie Seymour put a lot of hours into developing the package and without his input it would never have got off the ground.

Port Kembla, Sydney/Botany and Newcastle Lines sections selected two members from each port to be trained as trainers and worked closely with Bob Young of Svitzer management, to develop an industry relevant training package along with a performance management system in relation to this package.  Newcastle's Szitzer Manager, Keith Wilks, assisted greatly in the smooth running of the whole package.  The course was then certified and accredited by Kerrie Simpson of the Vocational Institute of Australia.

The certificate provides accreditation for the work performed in mooring activities, therefore, allowing companies the ability to better sell the services of the Linesmen and giving the MUA Linesmen greater job security.   It would be in the best interests of all MUA members performing mooring activities to obtain this certificate and to have it as a benchmark for Linesmen nationally.

As the course was started in Newcastle, the Newcastle Linesmen were the first in Australia to complete it, with Port Kembla close to completion and Sydney/Botany next.  A presentation of the certificates was held at the Newcastle Tug Base and was attended by Svitzer Management from Newcastle and Sydney along with Kerrie Simpson, Eddie Seymour, Jo White the MUA National Legal Officer and Jo's assistant and photographer, Nat Cameron.  Congratulations to all of the Linesmen who have completed the course.

We are now in the process of upgrading the Certificate I to a Certificate II which will only enhance the safety, skills, service and job security for members in our MUA Lines Section.