Film Screenings In Sydney, Newcastle & Melbourne

In 2010 Rio Tinto locked out their ILWU workforce at Boron, site of one of world’s largest borax mines located in the Californian desert.

The MUA lead by Deputy National Secretary Mick Doleman through the Mining and Maritime group of unions, including the CFMEU-Mining Division joined international solidarity efforts with the ILWU which lead Rio Tinto to return to the negotiating table and eventually for the lock out to be ended on terms favourable to the union.

Now the director of Locked Out a dramatic 60 minute documentary about the Boron situation Joan Sekler is visiting Australia to screen the film, talk about Boron and the corporate war on America’s working and middle class.

February 22nd at Sydney Branch monthly meeting. A short extract will be shown.

February 24th in Newcastle. 5.30pm at Carrington Bowling Club.

March 2nd in Sydney. Two screenings at UTS, Level 3, Building 1 (UTS Tower) Lunch time screening 12.30pm-1.30pm and evening at 5.30pm – 7pm.

March 3rd in Melbourne.At MUA union rooms – contact the branch for further details.

Visit the Locked Out website to read more about the film and see the trailer.

Flyer for Sydney UTS event below.