Fight To Survive! Join The Fight For Your Life.

Flowing from the MUA's and ACTU’s approach to Safe Work Australia (SWA) the Stevedoring TAG has now been re-convened to reconsider and work through the issues with the NSCOP. The TAG will meet on the 15-16 November in Brisbane.

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The employers cynically and disingenuously attempted to bomb NSCOP with their “industry paper”, submitted to SWA, one day after the death of Newcastle wharfie Greg Fitzgibbon on September 23.

A thorough analysis of the employer paper reveals the desperation and dishonesty of the stevedoring bosses. Their basis of opposition to NSCOP has been stripped to the bone and revealed for what it is. Cost and an unwillingness to consult with workers are the main issues from the employers. No real surprises here, but a position that is completely unacceptable to workers and the MUA. 

The “industry paper” has used misleading and incorrect information. The employer submission is based on outright dishonesty as the attached MUA analysis exposes. We encourage your review of the employer submission which we have used as a basis for political lobbying and have sent to all industry stakeholders and participants of the stevedoring TAG to show how the employers are prepared to prioritise spin and misinformation above safety of their employees. 

See also attached background information on the employer attack and an outline of 6 things you can do everyday on the job. The six things are our right and need to be carried out, to not only exercise our legal rights but, to elevate the standards of safety on the waterfront.

Pass on these documents, comrades.

Move resolutions on the job opposing the treacherous position of the employers.

All members can get involved in action to defend NSCOP on October 30 where we will be targeting Shipping Australia for their role in attacking NSCOP.


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Fight to survive! Join the fight for your life.

Six Things You Can Do Right Now To Push For Better Safety.

Analysis of Industry "Paper" To Safe Work Australia.