Farstad Conciliation Meeting Outcome

Progress made, but more work to be done

Following the conciliation meeting under Fair Work Australia with parties from the MUA , Farstad Shipping and representatives, chaired by Commissioner Raffaelli, the MUA's deputy national secretary Mick Doleman makes the following statement.

·       The parties met in a constructive atmosphere and progress was made on a number of outstanding issues but there is still more work to be done before an agreement is reached.

·       Further dates were set for negotiations of the EBA involving Farstad including November 30, and December 7 and 14.

·       Parties agreed the detail of the conciliation talks be kept confidential.

·       After a suggestion by the Commissioner parties agreed they would not debate the matter in the media and would continue to work towards an agreeable outcome.

·       The MUA has not set down any new dates for further industrial action.

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