Family Fun Day at Hutchison Picket

Today at Hutchison Port Botany, sacked wharfies and their defenders were joined by their families. Despite the sombre occasion, a celebration of solidarity was on display.


As the ongoing barbecue of solidarity sausages smoked away, a variety of supporters from the community and other unions joined the Maritime Union of Australia at the permanent picket outside of the Hutchison gates. 

On top of speeches from some high-profile leaders including the MUA's National Secretary and ITF President Paddy Crumlin, the kids were treated to a jumping castle, face painting and a visit from the one and only Elsa from Disney favourite Frozen. 

The day was one to show the more than 50 workers and the further 40 workers in Brisbane that being sacked without reason via text was intolerable.


Other speakers included Labor Senator, former AMWU Secretary and friend of the MUA Doug Cameron, Greens Senator and long-time supporter Lee Rhiannon, TPPA opponent Pat Ranald, MIF Executive Officer Mick Doleman and representatives from Millers Point and the Teacher's Federation.

Children showed their creativity by adding to banners, now strewn across the fences. While others from the local area popped into donate food and money to the cause, while demonstrators from the Marriage Equality march, which took place earlier today, showed up in solidarity in the evening.


The picket line continues in both Botany and at Brisbane.

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