Facing Death

Facebook forum for messages of condolence and solidarity for fallen comrade Steve Piper.

Michelle Roberts: Another life taken to soon. Another senseless tragedy has taken yet another life to soon. Deepest sympathies to his wife and children. Let's band together to show the nation we are a caring union not made up of rough and burley men like the past governments have portrayed us to be. Comrades are to precious to let fall be the wayside.  Something has to be done to make the governments reassure other families that their husbands and wives are safe at work. Deepest sympathies again to our comrade's family he leaves behind.

Andrew Vickers: On behalf of the CFMEU Mining and Energy Division, I express the deepest and most sincere condolences to the family, friends and work comrades of the MUA member killed in the course of employment.

James Crookall: Very sad news!!!! Our hearts and thoughts are with the family and friends of our fallen comrade....
Glen Barlow: Please pass on the MUA members onboard the Crystal Ocean's deepest and most sincere condolences to his family
Emma-lee Cain: I am really sorry to hear the bad news.  How many more lives need to be lost before safety issues are addressed on these wharfs. it is disgusting. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family and friends of another lost comrade.
John Thirlby: Our thoughts are with the family & friends & work mates on the lost of a comrade. MUA crew RTM Wakmatha
Rod Downs: My condolences to the family as well. Now its time for action like the front of the MUA jounal says. We have had to many comrades taken away from us.
Andrew Ian Jamieson: My condolences to family, friends and workmates as well. This has got to stop!! We need national safety regulations now, not spin and crap from governments and the industry. We should all know what is needed to achieve this and just do it. No more fudging.

Allan Smith: Prayers an thoughts are with the family.

Carissa James: My condolences to family and friends, a terrible tragedy....no one should have these risks at work.

Barry Goldthorpe: A terrible tragedy. My heart goes out to all his family and workmates, enough is enough, we need a change in safety regulations. To many comrades fallen

Renee Masters: Just wondering who the federal member responsible for this is? And how to contact or lobby them? Because I'm sure they'll want our help when they call the federal election again this year...
Werner Cohrs: Condolences to the family of yet another worker killed on the water front.....

Paul Bailey: Another champion MUA member lost....My thoughts to the family

Quentin Williams: My sympathy goes to the family of our comrade, as this is becoming a national disgrace with these deaths occurring in our work place. It is happening too much, and something has to be done to make our work places a safe working environment, as that is our right to be able work in a safe work place, and all workers should be able to leave the work ... See more site alive, and not in a coffin.
It is about time all companies have a good look at there so called safe work practices, and stop cutting corners, and address these important issues, before there is another serious injury or death at any worksite.

Helen Bellette: My deepest sympathies for the family & workmates of our comrade.

Les Webster: Condolences to the family and everyone affected by this terrible tragedy. More has to be done to provide a safe work place for all. Everyone has the right to work safe and go home safe.

Raelene Preston: My condolences to the family and his workmates...

Pippa Jayne Mares: My condolences to the family :( so sad that this has occured again.  I hope something is done, so another family does not have to suffer

Peter Lahay: On behalf of the Canadian ITF team we wish to pass our sincere condolences from Vancouver, Montreal and Halifax. Our marine industries are dangerous places, but because we all know the constant danger our bonds with one another run extremely deep.
Ed Vd Hoek : On behalf of myself and my comrades here in Rotterdam Netherlands I would like give my deepest condolences to your and our fallen comrade, for this are no words for, terrible!!!  FNV Rotterdam
Dave Phillips: On behalf of myself and my comrades I would like to express my deepest condolences to the family of our fallen Comrade. MUNZ Member
Lawrence Manzo: Met with The International today  at a MACOSH safety seminar that started on Tuesday and ended today, and spoke with Ray Ortiz and Ray Famalithe and hit on the passing of your comrade and how your Government needs to step up with the MUA and other Unions and they need federal guidelines and protect our Brothers and Sisters in Australia and New Zealand! ILWU Local 13 Night
Michael Will: TOUCH ONE TOUCH ALL condolences from your Comrades from across the Ditch. Mike Will MUNZ 2655
Alison Mcgarry: Condolences to our brothers family. Our comrades will continue to fight to build our unions which is the only way to stop workers lives being sacrificed for capital. ITF London

Frank Soutter : On behalf of the MUA members on the Far Sky I would like to pass on our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of our fallen brother. When will companies start to take responsibility for their lack lustre attitude to the well being of our fellow man.  RIP comrade .
John Thirlby: Our thoughts are with the family & friends & work mates on the lost of a comrade, MUA crew RTM Wakmatha
Monica Hinkley: Just wanted to pass on my condolences to the family and comrades of the fallen wharf worker, my thoughts and prayers go out to them and all their comrades.

Andrew Casey: No one should go to work with the thought they will not return home to their loved ones at the end of the day. Shocking tragedy. Shocking news. Thinking of my MUA brothers and sisters.