• Amalgamation Ballot

    Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 08:00 AM through November 23, 2017
    Amalgamation Ballot in Australia

    The Amalgamation Vote

    The MUA is promoting a YES vote in the amalgamation between the MUA the CFMEU and the TCFUA. Ballots will be posted to members by the AEC on Thursday September 28th and the ballot closes on Thursday November 23rd. We are putting the following reasons forward in support for our case for a YES vote:

    • This amalgamation is about making three strong unions even stronger – as every amalgamation in our Union’s history has done. We are a history of amalgamations that has made the new union stronger at every stage
    • We will be uniting our shared traditions and cultures into a powerhouse union, making us capable of protecting and advancing our industrial, social and political rights and interests into the future
    • Increasingly the union is negotiating with big multinational corporations and/or campaigning against a Conservative government’s anti-union laws and to take them on we need to become stronger, get more powerful and become even better and more effective at what we do.
    • We will be bringing together significant combined resources (campaigning, financial, legal, political, membership etc) to continue providing members with the best Union representation in this country
    • The MUA will retain our autonomy but be strengthened by the industrial and financial resources of the combined MUA/CFMEU/TCFUA.
    • Through amalgamation we build greater capacity in new ways to fight against Government initiated legislative attacks as well as corporate assaults on our job security, conditions of employment and quality of life
    • This amalgamation is about redefining the nature of trade unionism to take on the new challenges that the new economy is presenting
    • Employers are opposing it because they know it will mean better job security and improved pay and conditions for members.



  • Petition - Stop Issuing Temporary Licences to Shipping Companies Allowing Them to Replace Australian Crew

    Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 06:00 PM

    Sign this important petition click HERE

    Federal Transport Minister Darren Chester and the Department of Infrastructure and Transport must immediately cease issuing 'Temporary Licences' (TL's) to CSL (Canadian Steamship Line) when there are Australian Ships available.

    The issuing of TL's outside the intent of Coastal Trading Act 2012 has meant Australian ships are constantly being replaced by low cost, unsafe ships of shame under the watch of this government.

    Another Australian ship, The CSL Thevenard, has just been taken off the coast leaving the Australian crew without a job while foreign flagged ships and exploited seafarers are being used to do their work.

    Any CSL ships operating on the Australian coast should employ Australian seafarers.

    This has also happened to the CSL Melbourne, CSL Pacific and CSL Brisbane and in a similar scenario Alcoa were issued with temporary licences to allow foreign crewed ships to take the work of the Australian crewed MV Portland.

    Why is this important?

    The minister and the government should be standing up for Australian seafarers and denying any temporary licences while there are Australian workers available.

    Its time to stand up for Australian workers and the shipping industry.