Ensco 7500 Offshore Alliance Members Stand

The entire crew of the Ensco 7500 stood together as one and achieved the first ever hard lying payment for rig workers in the offshore oil and gas Industry.

Rig workers on the 7500 all joined the Offshore Alliance and together with MUA Assistant National Secretary Ian Bray, Offshore Alliance Organisers Mahmut "Hammer" Melkic and Glen Williams over five months successfully negotiated a hard lying payment for excessive noise  prevalent on the rig, Rigworkers' Voice reports. 

All rig workers are to receive a payment of $75 per day for every day they have been on the rig back dated to the 30th of March 2009.

In addition all rig workers will receive a payment of $75 per day for the life of the rig unless the noise issues are  dealt with. The marine crew onboard are also to receive reduced swing lengths from four to three weeks in recognition of the over exposure to the noise. 

"This great show of unity, collectivism and solidarity has proven once again that workers united will never be defeated," said national organiser Glen WIlliams.  "The Offshore Alliance unions congratulate all the members for the historical stand they have taken and hope this lesson is heard loud and clear amongst rig workers all over the industry that anything is possible if we organise ourselves collectively to achieve realistic outcomes for the most important people in the industry, YOU the workers." 

The Offshore Alliance will continue to work with the members on the Ensco 7500 and are hopeful of a collective agreement in the near future. 

For more information please contact Glen Williams on glen.williams@mua.org.au - 0401 271 740 or  

Mahmut (Hammer) Melkic on mahmut.melkic@awuwa.asn.au - 0419 907 035 


Our sincere thanks to comrades  Ian Bray & Glen Williams for all their hard work in the battle of the MUA-AWU Alliance to achieve some justice with our claims for hard lying & shorter swing lengths.  

Both have now been successfully concluded after eight frustrating months.

Both comrades Bray & Williams' availability at all times was exceptional as was their negotiating skills.
Yours in Solidarity,
Bob Carnegie
Greg Smith
Aaron Richardson,
MUA-AWU Alliance Delegates,