Election Alert: Absentee Balloting

Every vote counts in this very close election. If you are going to be at sea or away from your electorate on Election Day, September 7th, the MUA has been advised that you must contact the Australian Election Commission directly.

If you know you are going to be away on Election day, early polling commences on August 20th. Thus, you can apply to vote via the post using the forms provided here at the bottom of the page or click here to download the form. But, it is advisable to call AEC to check your eligibility.

The MUA has heard from some members that when they call the AEC they have some been told they can be taken off the roll for this election. Voting is your right. And every vote counts in this election. So, the MUA urges all members to politely decline the offer to be taken off the roll and insist on the right to vote via the post.

Please write down the reference number that is given each time you call the AEC so we can track any request to vote that is not implemented by the AEC.

The AEC can be phoned on 13 23 26.

Remember, every vote counts in this election. Together, we can make sure that Labor is returned to government and our rights are protected.