Egyptian DPW & Dutch APM Solidarity

In an escalation of the Global Network Terminals campaign, Egyptian DP World Wharfies near Suez staged a three day sit-in and are on an indefinite strike protesting DPW's reneging on a recently negotiated Collective Agreement.

This is another example of the need for international, coordinated action against global companies.

At the same time, Dutch dockers are fighting APM terminals for wage and retirement justice and workplace safety in the highly automated Port of Rotterdam.

Egyptian and Dutch workers need our solidarity! Visit the Solidarity webpage HERE.

An article about the Egyption struggle can be read here.

Could comrades and friends please organise for resolutions and support for our comrades in Egypt and the Netherlands. 

The MUA is collecting messages of solidarity to send to our comrades in both Egypt and Rotterdam.

Attatched below (via pdf link) is a leaflet for your information and to assist with main issues in relation to both disputes.

Please feel free to distribute to your networks. 

Resolutions and statements of support can be sent back to so our support for these struggles can be conveyed to our fraternal comrades.