EAS - Seafarer Employment System

The MUA's Employment Assistance Scheme (EAS) is an electronic, web-based system developed by the MUA to accommodate our members seeking employment. It can only remain a reliable system if the information is updated regularly - we all have a role to play in the running of the system.

The MUA is preparing for an overhaul and improvement of the EAS, overseen by National EAS Coordinator Mich-Elle Myers.

It is now more important than ever that the delegates on the ships communicate the crew list to the coordinator. The list should be sent to michelle.myers@mua.org.au

We are also formulating a contact list of all vessels. Ships' delegates should also communicate their main union email address for their vessel as soon as possible in order to keep this up to date.

We aim for employers to continue using this resource, so all seagoing members are requested to ensure that they only put themselves on the list if they are job ready, qualified for what they list themselves as and available for work.

Workers are requested to take themselves off the EAS as soon as they get a job - or contact your branch so they can take you off.

There are many jobs coming up in the near future and they will be filled by people listed on the EAS - so don't miss out; ensure your details are up to date!

To read more about how the EAS works and its importance you can read an earlier article here.