DPW National Negotiating Team Solidarity With Patrick workers In Bulk And General and Terminals

The DPW delelgate's conference took place today to consider the Log of Claims for the forthcoming DPW EBA. The following message of solidarity was sent to Patrick workers struggling for a better and safer workplace. The conference concludes tomorrow and has representatives attending from all DPW sites nationally.

The DPW National Negotiating Team expresses its complete and total solidarity with the workers at Patrick currently engaged in struggle around a just outcome for their EBA.

We congratulate the steadfast activity already undertaken in order to improve the position of all waterside workers including the DPW workers who are soon to enter into negotiations alongside our Patrick comrades.

We give our unequivocal solidarity and support to the already impressive struggles undertaken by Patrick workers and commit to ongoing total support for the Patrick campaign recognising that the outcomes of Patrick directly relate to all waterside workers.

We are all MUA members first and employees of various companies second and we will continue to work and support our comrades at Patrick as we know that unity and resolve will be returned in any struggle of DPW workers. Our aims are for each other and for the greater good of all waterside workers.

One in all in and unity across the workers at Patrick and DPW.

In Unity,

DPW National Negotiating Team