Delegates Training Course

A delegates training course was held in Townsville from December 9-11 with Chris Doyle presenting a class of 12.

Chris holds 30 years worth of union experience from the ACTU and working with the Queensland Council of Unions.



Out of the 12 people attending the course alone, we achieved 188 years combined union membership, knowledge and experience. Holding all this within one room made the course exceptionally productive, informative and educational.

The course entailed many key points and the first steps for a member to become a union delegate.

First lesson was understanding what our union is about and what we stand for .  Unity, a safe productive, workplace, having one voice, protecting our rights, our union structure and The Fair Work Act are all just some of the topics that were covered.

Throughout the three days several in-class practical activities were carried out: the rolls and duties of a delegate, the required skills and knowledge, problem solving scenarios, communication skills, event planning and how to approach a potential new member.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris on behalf of the class for presenting us with the course and sharing his experience! Also thanking Jaime Midson for organising everything for the duration of the course.