Defend Union Rights In Mexico - February 18th

The international trade union movement is holding solidarity actions with Mexican unions all this week in many countries. Australian trade unions including the MUA will be rallying in Canberra on Friday February 18th at 11.30am.

The actions coincide with the fifth anniversary of the deaths of 65 miners at the Pasta de Conchos mine disaster in Mexico on February 19, 2006.

Buses will be going to Canberra from the Sydney and Wollongong branches - contact the branches if you wish to take part.

The Mexican Miners' Union, the union that called for justice following the mine disaster, has faced systematic, frequently violent and escalating violations of worker and trade union rights by employers and the Mexican government.

Other independent trade unions in Mexico seeking to improve the rights of working people have also increasingly come under attack in recent years through the tolerance, complicity and, on many occasions, the direct action of the Mexican state.

Unions are demanding the Mexican government stop violating fundamental trade union rights and start complying with its own laws and international standards on human and trade union rights.

If you are unable to attend the rally lend your support by going to the Labourstart campaign where you can send a letter directly to President Caldéron demanding trade union rights in Mexico.

A poster for the event is downloadable here.