Dean Summers Conquers Channel

After a gruelling 13 hours and 19 minutes, International Transport Workers' Federation National Coordinator Dean Summers completed his Channel Swim attempt, a feat many have tried and failed.


Years of training culminated in Summers being able to finish the swim in an admirable time.

Taking off from Dover, he was greeted on the shores of France by his fellow Belgium ITF Inspector Christian Roos.

Also accompanying Summers on the trip was his daughter Michelle, his partner Kylie and his swimming coach Vlad.


According to his website Summers dedicated his swim to the 1.3 million seafarers around the world who sacrifice their time, their labour, and their health, to transport the world’s wealth around on merchant ships.

"Although over 90 per cent of the world’s trade is carried by sea, seafarers are not recognised for their contributions, and they have largely become an invisible workforce," it reads.

"Seafarers are among the most vulnerable and exploited workers in the world. These men and women can spend months, even a year, living and working in extreme conditions, and far away from their homes and families.

"While their time at sea can have devastating effects on families at home, the isolation, loneliness, and deprivation a seafarer experiences can severely impact their mental health, too often resulting in anxiety, depression, and suicide."

As a result Summers raised funds for Hunterlink Recovery Services which supports maritime workers from around Australia and visiting seafarers from around the world.

Donations can still be made here.