Crumlin Opens 2012 National Council

The National Council kicked off its first day of a four-day meeting in Sydney with a detailed discussion on implementing the decisions reached at the 2012 Quadrennial National Conference.

Image - NatCouncil1.JPG

National Secretary Paddy Crumlin gave an overview to branch and national officials of the strategy and policy underway in the union, as special guests from around the Asia Pacific region looked on.

Crumlin also welcomed Hon Anthony Albanese MP, Minister For Infrastructure and Transport who praised the MUA for its leadership in passing the recent shipping reforms; Albanese noted that more has been done on shipping reforms in the past 18 months than ever before.

In accordance with national conference resolutions an observer positions for women, youth and aboriginal and torres strait islanders have been filled by Erica Seipel, David Ball and Paddy Neliman who have joined the National Council as observers for the first time.