Crumlin Applauds APM Dock Safety Day

ITF supports APM Terminals' World Safety Day.

Global network terminal operator APM is marking October 12 as world safety day.

The day is used to reinforce the message of its ongoing Safety Culture program.

Paddy Crumlin, speaking in his role as Chair of the ITF's Dockers' Section, said: "Ongoing dialogue was established with APM Terminals - as we hope it will be with all the terminal operators - a few years back. It has not always involved good news, of course, I'll admit that; however this aside, we have a strong mutual interest in making sure that all dock workers come home safe, every day."

He continued: "We support all initiatives that make ports safer places to work. I think that we can also congratulate APM Terminals on its safety effort,  which has seen recorded injuries fall from 890 in 2006 to 330 in 2009, but which also acknowledges that even one injury is one too many, and that all measures must be taken to prevent them."

The announcement comes as the ITF dockers section committee are meeting at in Long Beach, California  followed by a three day seminar on Global Network Terminals.