Crumlin Addresses ITF Dockworkers Conference

MUA National Secretary and ITF President Paddy Crumlin addressed the 2012 ITF Dockers’ Section conference in Aqaba, Jordan.

He did this via Skype from Sydney.

Highlighting a range of problems facing dockworkers across the globe, such as blatant union busting and scab workers, Mr Crumlin focused primarily on the current dispute in Auckland.

Offering support to the dockworkers in Auckland, Crumlin stressed that the only way for workers to act in a militant way on a global scale is through an action, campaigning, coordinated  ITF.

“All of those disputes such as the recent disputes in Longview and Rotterdam are designed to weaken our resolve, or worse, remove them altogether,” he said.

“MUNZ does not have all of the dockworkers’ in their country in their union, and once we allow non-union labour or divided union labour to exist it is inevitable that it will be used against us at some point.”  

Mr Crumlin stressed that the pressure must be turned up on employers who are guilty of union busting and offered his full support in a show of solidarity to the Port of Auckland dockers.