Crew Suffer While Queen Waits

The Jordanian owners of the ship at the centre of the deepening industrial and political dispute in Fremantle the "Bader 3" continue to act in complete neglect of their 80 strong crew who are now owed $500,000 in back pay according to the Federation.

Media, politicians and ITF affiliates boarded the ship in Fremantle on Friday to see firsthand the deplorable conditions of the live sheep carrier and witnessed the crew being denied their rights to access shore leave.


Dean Summers the ITF National coordinator says that the, mostly Pakistani, crew are effectively imprisoned onboard a very old and poorly maintained ship alongside now for the 6th consecutive day.


The ITF are checking all legal avenues including the application of the fair work act against the owners and the crewing agent in Pakistan who have links to the giant worldwide shipping company P&O.


It seems while all side of politics are "concerned" for the crew's welfare no one is prepared to take a stand to help these workers.


"The crunch will come over the next few days when the ship will need to be moved in order to make way for the luxury cruise liner the Queen Elizabeth on her maiden voyage" said Dean Summers.

"It’s going to be interesting when our toughest affiliate the MUA are asked to move a ship full of the poorest workers in the world so that the richest can access the port on holidays. A stark comparison and one which the community will need to consider in the coming days."


Legislation is before the federal parliament to ratify the International Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) which will empower a federal government to enforce international minimum standards for seafarers but until that happens seafarers will continue to suffer and the hands of FOC.


Contact Keith McCorriston ITF Inspector for more information 0422 014 861

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