Crew Escapes Pirates

Pirate attacks continue.

NORWAY'S Odfjell told Fairplay today that its chemical tanker Bow Saga fought off pirates in the Gulf of Aden this morning. 

The 40,085dwt, NIS-registered vessel was attacked while proceeding through the transit corridor. Pirates on a skiff shot at the vessel, said Odfjell CEO Jan Hammer, pointing out that no-one was injured. 

Meanwhile the North Korean-flagged ship Rim has sunk off the Horn of Africa, as crew free themselves, THE EU anti-piracy force confirmed this week.

The 4,800dwt general cargo vessel had been seized in early February by Somali pirates while on its way for demolition in India, Fairplay reports. After being held for four months, the ship's 10-man crew freed themselves on 2 June.

In their bloody battle with their captors, at least five pirates were killed, with three crew members injured, one seriously.

The pirates were demanding a ransom of $3 million.

Meanwhile pirates captured a general cargo ship Suez between Bossaso in Somalia and Al-Mukalla in Yemen, this week, EU NAVFOR told Fairplay.

The naval force said the 17,300dwt ship came under small arms fire in the internationally recommended transit corridor, and minutes later its crew reported that pirates had boarded.

Suez, built in 1984, is owned and managed by Red Sea Navigation. It has a crew of 23, with a mix of Egyptian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Indian nationalities. It was reportedly carrying a cargo of cement bags.

The International Transport Workers' Federation is running an online petition END PIRACY NOW.  Add your name to the thousands of maritime workers calling for action to protect ship's crew from further attacks.