Congratulations ITF President

Messages of congratulations for Paddy Crumlin's election as president of the International Transport Workers' Federation come from around the world and around the nation.


On behalf of the members onboard the

North West Stormpetrel we would like to congradulate Paddy Crumlin in

his newly appointed position as president of the International Transport

Federation. We wish him well in his endeavours to further our unions

international strength and leadership in the maritime world.

Yours in Unity

MUA Delegates and Crew

NW Stormpetrel

Congratulations on your unanimous election! I’m looking forward to an exciting four years working together with you and wish you every success!

Best wishes

Yours fraternally

Nick Bramley

Chair,ITFInland Navigation Section

Unia Nordwestschweiz   Unia North-West Switzerland
Seeleute / Binnenschifffahrt   Seafarers / Inland Waterways



Dear Paddy, I have read that you were elected to be President of the ITF and just wanted to extend my congratulations on taking on this important post.

No doubt it will involve a lot of travel which can be a bit of a downside but I am confident that you will make a major positive contribution in the position. So well done and all the best with the new job.
Dr Michael White QC,
Adjunct Professor,
Global Change Institute;

Marine & Shipping Law Unit,
University of Queensland. 


On behalf of all the members of the ILWU, we congratulate you on being elected as president of the ITF. The contributions you have made to the labor movement have been incredible. Your commitment to move the ITF forward to another level is a task that I know you will accomplish.

Thank you for all the working men and women around the world. Your contributions and dedication will never be forgotten. In solidarity.

Big Bob (McEllrath)

International President ILWU


The wonderful speech you gave at the ITUC Congress brought not only good karma to your sis and comrade Sharan, but contributed also to your own election as ITF President...well done!

Your experience as co-chair of the International Bargaining Forum will be key to all for building such a movement across industries and countries....not sure when we can succeed, but sure we need to push hard asap!!

Baci from Geneva and lots of wishes

Anna Biondi


I was very pleased, for you and the industry, to learn of your appointment to the Presidency of the ITF. You bring so much experience to that role, it is not surprising that you received unanimous support.
I wish you every success at the helm of the  ITF

John Francis
Maritime Transport Policy Centre,
Australian Maritime College

The comrades on board OMS Discovery would like to offer a huge congratulations to Paddy Crumlin on being elected to the top job in the ITF.
Best wishes and good luck from all .
United we stand, 

crew OMS Disco. 


Comrade Paddy,I am very happy and proud of being a docker since you have been elected to serve as the president of our mighty ITF, with your daily struggles and solidarity work internationally I can confidently say you are the best comrade for the position. 

Thanks comrade for availing yourself to lead transport workers.

Y K Manene


Cape Town Container Terminal
Transnet Port Terminals



May I congratulate you with your election as ITF President!
It was a real pleasure and honour for me to work under your guidance and leadership in the Dockers' section for many years, and now the entire ITF family can benefit from your qualities. 
Hope we will meet someday soon.
All the best!!

Myriam Chaffart
Political Secretary for Logistics and Inland Waterways
European Transport Workers' Federation 


Dear Brother Paddy

My heartiest Congratulation

on behalf of Indian Dockers to

you and members of MUA.

With warm regards

Kalpana Desai

All India Port & Dock Workers' Federation (AIPDWF) 


Congratulations on your election to President of the ITF from the Newcastle Branch of the MUA Veterans
Tom Curphey
Branch Secretary
MUA Veterans


Transport & Dock Worker's Union, Kandla congratulates you

Mr. Paddy Crumlin for the elevation as New President of

International Transport Workers Federation

Joseph Chacko 


 Dear Paddy, On behalf of the 850,000 members of the United Steel Workers, I want to congratulate you on your election at the recent ITF Congress as President of the ITF. I also want to congratulate the ITF on what, by all accounts, was a very successful Congress. 

 The USW has had the pleasure of working in recent years with you and the MUA as part of the Mining & Maritime initiative. MUA has taken a lead role in this initiative, which has recently provided critical support in the campaign for free and independent unionism in Mexico. 

 This includes MUA facilitating participation by our sister union Los Mineros - the Mexican mine and metal workers union - in the ITF Congress in order to promote their struggle with transport unions from around the world. MUA also facilitated ICEM and IMF participation in the ITF Congress in support of this struggle. 

 We believe that global union collaboration across sectors will become increasingly important as the movement of goods and capital across borders increases. We look forward to working even more closely with the MUA, and the ITF, as we together construct a global trade union response to the ravages of globalized capital. 

 Congratulations once again on your election as President of ITF. 

In solidarity, 

Leo W. Gerard 

International President 



Congratulation's Paddy on your new position as ITF president,I have had the pleasure of being involved with the MUA  in the "Patricks"dispute [at Darling Harbour].  That time will be with me for the rest of my life. I am positive that you will do the best possible job in the ITF.                                                                                                                                           yours in Solidarity.   

Michael Will





Unions congratulate Crumlin on new global role: Australian unions congratulate the National Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia, Paddy Crumlin, on his election as President of the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF).

ACTU President Ged Kearney said Mr Crumlin's election at the global union federation's world congress in Mexico was a great achievement for the MUA and all Australian unions.

He is the first Australian to hold the role.

The ITF represents more than 4.6 million workers from 760 trade unions worldwide, and this is another great achievement for Australian unions."

"Paddy is a great representative and advocate for his members and his union, the MUA, is the heart and soul of the Australian labour movement," Ms Kearney said.

"On behalf of all Australian unions, congratulations to Paddy. We look forward to working with him in this new role."

Ged Kearney


Australian Council of Trade Unions



Hey Man, I am super happy about your very hard long campaign, I am happy for you but happier for me and all labour militants world wide to have you as our ship's captain and, I shall be there to follow the course you will set.

Sorry I was not there to celebrate with you but this is a rain cheque.

See ya Bro.


Michel Desjardins
Seafarers' International Union of Canada (SIU)
Syndicat International des Marins Canadiens (SIU


Comrade Paddy Crumlin, On behalf of the Port & Dock Workers & on my own behalf we congratulate you for elected as a President of the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) in the last ITF congress held at Mexico.

We hope that under your dynamic leadership the Transport Workers, Seafarers & Dock workers will get full justice to protect their jobs & promote them as you had been doing in Australia for all these years.

I wish you all success in your new assignment as the President of the International Transport Workers Federation.

Indeed your victory in the election is a great tribute to your colleague & trade union movement in Australia. Kindly convey our warm greetings to all your comrades.

Yours Fraternally,

All India Port & Dock Workers Federation,
Transport & Dock Workers Union, Mumbai, India


Dear Paddy, Congratulations on your appointment as President of ITF.  This is a great credit to you and the role you play internationally and the respect and regard with which you are so widely held.
Kind regards
Teresa Hatch
Executive Director

Australian Shipowners Association


Dear Comrade, The Hunter is abuzz with the news that you have been elected to the position of President of the International Transport Federation.
This is exceptionally good news and is not only a victory for the MUA and yourself personally but for progressive forces worldwide.
Well done Comrade and hope to celebrate with you soon.
Yours In Unity
Gary Kennedy
Newcastle Trades Hall Council



Dear Mr. Paddy Crumlin, National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR) heartily congratulates you on your election to the post of ITF President.

Yours sincerely,
 (M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary



Paddy, I have just heard the news with regards to your election as ITF President.
I would like to take the opportunity to send you the congratulations of IMEC officers, the executive, membership and myself and wish you the very best of success for your term in office. Well deserved and I am sure that under your leadership the ITF will continue to thrive.
With very best regards
Giles A. Heimann
Secretary General
International Maritime Employers' Committee Ltd.


Paddy. Our heart felt congratulations, dear comrade, on such a wonderful achievement. It's a great feeling to know that we have strong and capable leadership within the Maritime Union based on what and who serves the best interest of the members and the working class in general, but to have that same leadership extended into the international arena is outstanding.
We in the Sydney branch office, are extremely proud of you Paddy, your milestone, comrade is living testament to the great respect base you have around the world. Workers no matter where they live can pick a natural leader out a mile away and you're one such leader comrade. Once again congratulations, Paddy from all of us in the branch.
Joe Deakin
Assistant Branch Secretary
Maritime Union of Australia
Sydney Branch


Comrade you've been doing the Hard Yards on the world stage for some time now, this is a reflection of that work.
Go The Big Bloke!
Sean Chaffer




Paddy, While it is killing me that I am so far on the sidelines for this one it fills me with such pride and hope that you won.  As unionists we live for the days when the good guys win - today is one of those days. Congratulations.  There could be no better candidate.

Prior to working with TUF I had always been impressed by your leadership and the ambitious industrial and social agenda of the MUA.  These past 18 months have confirmed for me that you are one of the most dedicated and skilled unionists that I have worked with.  That your commitment and vision will now be leading the global union federation represents the potential for a paradigmatic shift of the ITF.  These are once in a lifetime opportunities.

I look forward to working with you to implement your plans for a united, strong and active global transport federation.

Let me know when you want to get started. I told the baby that she may have to work on this program over the next few months and she is up for it too.

Today truly is a new day.

Congratulations to all at the MUA who worked so hard to make this happen and to Gayle and your family who sacrifice so much.

In true solidarity.  

Shannon O'Keefe

Transport Union Federation


Comrade, On behalf of the MUA Veterans we wish to extend our congratulations to you on your election as ITF President.
Yours in Unity
Fred Krausert


Just heard the news about your election to ITF President. Congratulations. No doubt the ITF will go from strength to strength under your stewardship.
The delegates in Mexico are sending back very positive messages about the congress.
Paul Garrett
Assistant Sydney Branch Secretary
Maritime Union of Australia


Congratulations, on historic event in Mexico City. Great feeling in Australian delegation.
Mick Carr
Branch Secretary
Maritime Union of Aust. S.Q. Branch


Hi Paddy, Congratulations on your election to the role of ITF President. I like many maritime workers from around the world applaud your commitment and conviction.
Once again, congratulations and well done.

Jamie McMechan

MUA Film Unit


Comrade President, Great result after a long and hard campaign.

Well done and congratulations

In Solidarity

Jamie Newlyn
SA Branch Secretary
Maritime Union of Australia



Hi all  MUA comrades, Congratulations on Paddy's election as President of the ITF.

We at ILWU Canada are so excited and I personally would like to take this opportunity to again thank you for the warm hospitality shown by the MUA towards my wife and myself at the MUA Terminals Conference that was held in Melbourne this past June.

 In Solidarity, 

Jyalmen Sidhho

ILWU Canada



Just saw on the ITF web that you had been elected ITF President. Congratulations Mate - I'm sure you're going to do a great job!
All the best
Pete  Shaw



Congratulations from all of us at Change to Win. This is a great day!

In solidarity,

Nicholas Allen
Campaign Coordinator
Strategic Organizing Center
Change to Win



Paddy--Congrats!  Can't wait to work with you further on ITF matters. Our solidarity, faith, and commitment.  Great job.

Travel safe

Herrnstadt Owen 


Cool!  The Trifecta. Paddy, Paul and Mich!

Congratulations Paddy

Zoe Reynolds
Just a short note to say congratulations on your ITF President position.  I wish you every success.
All the best Graham Bragg,

ITF inspector.



Paddy, Congrats-I'm stoked to see the right man in the right job at the right time-I proudly wore my MUA "Fighting For Our Rights" shirt on the waterfront today-seems to fire up the troops.  

You ran a hell of a campaign and at the end of the day everyone respects a stand-up guy.  I look forward to working with you on cabotage and maybe we can figure out a way to organise the Gulf of Mexico.  If you ever need anything in this neck of the woods we'll be there for you-way to go brother!

Keep the faith,

Dean Corgey
Port of Houston



Paddy, Congratulations on your election to ITF president.
Good to see an Ausssie going forward in such an important position.
Yours in solidarity
Eddie Seymour




All Brothers....

The Forward Seamen's Union of India
 Mr. Paddy Crumlin
 for the elevation as
 new President of
 Transport workers 

Dr. Comrade MK Pandhe, 
Sadhan Kanjilal
Naresh Birwadkar

PGA Joseph
Manoj Yadav and others....

Seamen's Union of India


On behalf of all of us in the ITF Education Dpt, I'd like to

congratulate you on becoming the new ITF President. We look forward to

playing an active role in implementing the decisions and work program

agreed by Congress.


Warm regards

Alana Dave, ITF



Many Congratulations on being elected President of the ITF; well done also keeping your website so up to date too!   

Hope all goes well and please let us know if we could help at any stage!  Looking forward to catching up again before too long, I hope.   
I hope you are still enjoying Mexico and getting a much-deserved break - am now back in Oz, where we are now focusing on that other election and hope that we also get the best possible result here!
Thanks again.

Professor Greg Bamber, Director of Research, Monash University
PO Box 197, Caulfield East, Victoria 3145, Australia.

Visiting Professor, Newcastle University, UK



On behalf of Paddys all over the world, congratulations on your election Comrade and well done to the ITF on having the good sense and judgment to put you in the top job.

Paddy Gorman

CFMEU Mining and Energy


Congratulations on the ITF appointment, I am sure it will bring some very unique and interesting challenges.
Perhaps the employers in Australian stevedoring will start looking like angels by comparison...
Good luck with it!

Rachael Brady
National Manager -

 Labour and Legal

Dubai Ports


Congratulations on your election to the Presidency of the ITF. It is indeed indicative of the standing of Australian trade unionists when in a matter of weeks two high profile trade union leaders are elected to international roles.
Again, congratulations on behalf of the QCU.
Ron Monaghan
General Secretary
Queensland Council of Unions
ph: 3846 2468
fax: 3844 4865


I want to congratulate you and the ITF family for being the president of the ITF. Congratulations also from Baker, Sara, the ITF Amman staff. All Arab affiliates asked me to extend the congratulations to yourself and the whole transport family. I am sure that the ITF will move forward with your support and leadership. May I also congratulate the MUA and the whole Australian TU movement.
Best Regards
Bilal Malkawi
ITF Rep.
Arab World




Warm congratulations on your election to high office-- it is a great result for Australia, the M U A and the shipping industry

Kind Regards
 Peter Morris

Former transport minister Hawke Govt

Author Ships of Shame & ITF ICONS Report


Congratulations on your new appointment. A great honour and achievement for both yourself and the Maritime Union of Australia.
I am sure you will achieve great things for the Seafaring community. Well done!
Chris O
Chris O'Sullivan
Total AMAS
North Fremantle WA 6159


   Dear Comrade Crumlin, dear Paddy, From  the bottom of our hearts we congratulate you on your election the  President  of the ITF. We do believe that you would contribute much  to  the  fight  against  poverty, to the strengthening of the  unity of the transport workers everywhere in the world.

   Wishing you every success and good health.


   Very sincerely,

   Georgy Stoliarenko                Roald Aliakrinsky

   President ICWTWU                  Vice-President ICWTWU

Moscow, August 2010


Please accept my heartiest congratulations to you on being elected the new President of ITF.

I am truly confident that under your strong leadership ITF will advance to new heights of influence and professionalism to the benefit of unions and workers around the world. It is my hope that you will continue the good work in promoting a progressive stance on trade union matters that is based on open dialogue, trust and active engagement with all the stakeholders.
‪  ‪
My best wishes to you again on the new appointment.



 I'm sure Taz would have been proud to say the least. I have always said that Great Unions produce Great Leaders.

Again congratulations the ITF will be a better organization for it!

In solidarity

Jim Hunter



You made it!  Hats off to you.  I suspect you will be busy shaping the world to reflect your ideas of a better future for labor.
Geoffrey Hoffa