Community Rally to oppose Qube’s aggressive anti-worker plans

The MUA is holding a solidarity souvlaki with community members at Webb dock today to protest the anti-worker plans of stevedore Qube.

Warren Smith, Assistant National Secretary, MUA said the gathering is to show solidarity with the Qube workers and to send a message to Qube it needs to back-off their aggressive stance during enterprise agreement negotiations currently underway.

“Qube have applied to terminate the agreement which if granted will see workers wages cut by up to 56% and destroy jobs security and other conditions for their workforce in Melbourne.

“This is the first stevedore to adopt these aggressive anti-worker tactics. The MUA and broader community will oppose their disgraceful plans - designed to scare the workers into agreeing with the company.

“The MUA members at Qube and community are fighting back.

“At the heart of this dispute is the right for workers to have a fair roster system.

“Qube workers in Melbourne are forced to work a very harsh roster that creates unsafe fatigue and deprives workers of time with their families.

“Workers at Qube want their lives back but Qube management want to keep punishing them with an unsafe roster and use of the extreme tactics of terminating the agreement.

“Union members and community supporters are standing in solidarity with Qube workers today who claims are just and reasonable.

“All these workers are seeking is a safe workplace and to protect the rights of all Australian workers. If Qube are successful - workers will lose 25 years of agreed negotiated wages and conditions - stripped away by an unfair bargaining system where the rules are stacked against them.

“Qube can do this because our industrial relations system is broken for working people and is fundamentally unfair.

“The MUA members at Qube and community know what they want is reasonable and by working together they can win,” Mr Smith said.


What:     Solidarity Souvlaki – Community protest

When:    Today 12pm Webb Dock Melbourne Ports

Contact: Anthony Reed 0402399572