Colourful History for DP World Wharfie

After 10 years delving into his family's history with the Kelly Gang, DP World wharfie and MUA member Paul 'Strop' O'Keefe has published a book and embarked on a national speaking tour, talking about his family's close connection to Ned Kelly.

Paul O'Keefe delved into his family history to discover a surprising twist - a deep connection to Ned Kelly and his gang.

In the 1920s, Paul's great-great-grandmother, Ettie Williams had come from Victoria to look after the surviving children of her daughter, who had died in childbirth four years earlier.

But before she died, Ettie told her grandchildren stories about her youth. Back then, she said, she'd been the childhood sweetheart of Ned Kelly, Australia's most notorious bushranger.

Now, Paul is setting the record straight and sharing his family's stories with the public. 

You can read more in the Sydney Morning Herald article HERE, and at

If you would like to attend a talk by Paul at Balmain Town Hall, details are HERE.