Climate Actions That Create Jobs

A new network for unionists and climate activists, called UCAN (Union Climate Action Network) was set up at Victoria Trades Hall recently.

It came out of the VTHC endorsed Trade Union Climate Conference held at Trades Hall on 9 October, attended by over 70 unionists (14 different unionswere represented) and climate activists.

At our conference guest speaker Matt Wright from Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE)gave a detailed presentation of how a just transition to 100% renewableenergy is possible over the next decade, using currently existing solar andwind power technology.Their plan demonstrates how Australia could establish 24 hour renewableenergy for all our needs, at low cost. It¹s already happening in Spain wheresolar thermal and wind power contribute one-third of Spain¹s electricity.Renewable energy technology manufacture can kick off new industries withtens of thousands of jobs and allow for a just transition from olderindustries.To view the BZE report, with a free download, go to BEYOND ZERO EMISSIONS:

UCAN wants to organise more opportunities for unionists to discuss climatesolutions that won¹t cost the earth. To find out more: Contact Chris Breen0403 013 183 or Daniel Park 0423 910 363.
Our next meeting is 6.30pm, Thursday 2 December in the Climate Action Centreat Trades Hall (new building, 5th Floor). We will be discussing the BZE plan and how unionists are affected.

Judy McVey