Call For Labour Rights In Asia Pacific

ICEM call for the Asia Pacific Region to unite on trade union and human rights

I attended the International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions AP Conference in April on behalf of the Maritime Union.

It was a very enlightening day and heartening to know there are a lot diligent, intelligent and creative people working towards and aspiring to the same core objectives we do.

 In his closing remarks, Regional Chairman of ICEM-AP, Kiyoshi Ochiai stated that the conference debated and declared 5 key points:

1.      Shared information on Contract and Agency Labour.

2.      The need for the Asia Pacific Region to unite on Trade Union and Human Rights issues.

3.      Continued enhancement of solidarity throughout the region.

4.      The 2 resolutions adopted (see below) to be presented to ICEM Geneva, and

5.      Japan to host the 2011 ICEM Regional Conference.

The 2 resolutions aforementioned in point 4 are stated only in principal as I was unable to obtain a copy, notwithstanding are as follows;

1.       ICEM-AP Regional Committee resolution on Contract and Agency Labour in Multinational Corporations,

2.      ICEM-AP Regional Committee resolution on Multinational Corporations and Labour Standards in Thailand,(Social dialogue and ratification of C.87 and 98).

As you know General Secretary of ICEM Manfred Warda was unable to attend due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland crippling European air travel however he did address conference via phonelink.

I thought I'd let you know he made special mention of the Mining and Maritime Alliance recently formed and he also passed on fraternal greetings to our National Secretary Paddy Crumlin.